How we help you

Our collaborative, pragmatic service embraces and supports our clients’ businesses as they grow, innovate, develop and succeed.

We provide a trusted, valued finance director with a wealth of experience in a broad spectrum of finance activities. Your adviser is an integral part of your team, spending time with you and your business to understand your strategy, drivers and motivations.

Financial performance management

  • We provide advice on the metrics you need to understand for your business to succeed
  • We implement bespoke reporting, leveraging your existing systems to create insightful management information
  • We highlight areas for attention and recommend actions

Budgets & forecasts

  • We can either take full ownership of the end-to-end process or challenge a budget prepared by your team
  • We help set realistic, measurable targets that are aligned with your long term strategic goals

Implementation of internal controls

  • We review your existing financial operations from book-keeping to management reporting
  • We assess your processes, advise on the adequacy of your internal controls for your business and help implement changes

Strengthening & supporting your finance function

  • We work with your existing finance team at all levels, supporting and mentoring them to ensure they develop and serve the business effectively

Growth management

  • We advise on how to manage growth in line with your strategic objectives, providing recommendations on cash flow management and funding requirements.